Long-term wildlife volunteer

Work with endangered species and wildlife vets

Placement summary

Who should join this placement?
Anyone wanting to gain conservation experience, skills and knowledge. You will volunteer with long-term projects focused on habitat restoration and the protection of endangered species such as cheetah, wild dogs and rhino.

Location: 30,000 acre reserve, Waterberg, South Africa
Length: 6 week min. - 3 months max.


Group sizes
Groups are typically made up of 1-7 volunteers, and are led by safari guides and industry experts.

Volunteer role and duties

Life as a volunteer
Work with rural vets and field ecologists. Get involved with conservation projects focused on protecting endangered animals such as rhino, cheetah and wild dogs, all the while exploring the African bush.

Monday to Friday

During weekdays you will be working on various conservation projects. Typically, you'll start the day early and continue working until sundown.

Work on foot with projects such as K9 anti-poaching patrols, or from a safari vehicle during projects where you need to cover more distance.

Weekends and free time

Relax back at camp with the other volunteers, or take part in activities on the reserve or in the local area. On weekends you will also go to town to stock up on supplies.

The Waterberg

This beautiful region is known for its river systems and mountain escarpments, that overlook rolling savannahs teeming with a variety of wildlife.

What you'll be doing:
  • Cheetah radio collar tracking

  • K9 anti-poaching patrols

  • Bush walks

  • Wild dog population monitoring

  • Safari drives

  • Track and sign

  • Vet work with animals

  • Transporting and moving wildlife

  • Habitat management

Join any time

Placements are available throughout the year. Please contact us to arrange your dates.

Long-term placements

6 weeks


12 weeks

Join from a minimum of 6 weeks and stay up to 12 weeks.

What is included? 
What is not included?
What you can expect
K9 anti-poaching patrols
Wildlife reintroduction
Safari drives and walks
Wild dog population monitoring
Big game vet work
Breathtaking landscapes
Radio collar tracking
Discover nature

Optional activities 

During free days you will have the opportunity to get involved with other activities, both on-site and in the local area beyond the boundaries of the reserve. 

Your own projects

You might be a passionate conservationist or studying a subject related to the environment. Whatever your background, you can work with the reserve staff to implement your own projects.

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