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The projects

Hamba Africa develops a wide array of conservation projects, on both an independent basis and via collaboration with local organisations and experts. Each project has its own unique goals and objectives to protect wildlife, restore habitats and invest in sustainable economies.

As a team member and volunteer, you will play a key role in these projects during your placement.

Our wildlife volunteer placement is exciting and varied. You  will live with and protect the local environment through over 12 different projects. There is something for everyone!

Play a key role in projects like anti-poaching patrols or vet work. Safeguard the reserve's future with engagement projects, handling and showcasing animals to local communities. Plus, help with research and data collection

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Project list

  • Anti-Poaching patrols
  • Bird ringing and surveying

  • Invasive species management

  • Small mammal trap and release

  • Sustainable agriculture projects

  • Camera trap surveying

  • Community outreach

  • Insect and moth surveying

  • Conservation and reserve management

  • Handling and presenting animals to rural communities

  • On foot tracking

  • Your own projects

Long-Term Endangered Species Volunteer

These specialised projects include monitoring population movements and researching endangered species such as cheetah and rhino. In addition, this newly launched reserve has various habitat restoration and animal reintroduction projects to help create a new wildlife haven.

This is the ideal volunteer role for anyone wanting to gain experience and skills relating to conservation management!


Project list

  • Radio collar tracking

  • Camera trap surveying

  • Bush walks

  • Game feeding and management

  • Rhino behavioural research

  • Vegetation surveys

  • Track and sign

  • Population counts and surveys

  • Vet work with animals

  • Transporting and moving wildlife

  • Habitat management

  • Predator mortality research

Marine Diving Conservation Placement

Work on a broad array of projects focused on marine ecology and conservation.

Help research and protect South Africa's only marine world heritage site, the iSimangaliso Marine Protected Area. Dive on coral reefs, coastal bays and biomass hotspots. Understand the behaviour and lifecycles of animals like turtles, fish, whales and even whale sharks.

person diving with whale shark south africa

Project list

  • Coral reef surveying

  • Turtle nest protection

  • Equipment use and maintanance

  • CMAS/PADI diving course

  • Videography & photography

  • Endangered species recording

  • Turtle tracking and research

  • Fish surveying

  • Migration monitoring

Become A Field Guide - 2 Month Course

Gain skills, knowledge and industry qualifications allowing you to work professionally as a field guide across Southern Africa. Launch a career in Africa or apply it to your academic studies or work back home.

FGASA is recognized internationally and a lead in the conservation sector. The course is broken down into different modules, gain a complete understanding of the natural world!

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Project list

  • Track and Sign

  • Dangerous Game Approach

  • Bird identification

  • Geology

  • Astronomy

  • Basic ecology

  • Taxonomy

  • Meteorology

  • Plant and Grass identification

  • Insect identification

  • Mammalian biology

  • Mammal identification

  • Animal behaviour

  • Conservation management

  • Erosion control

  • Invasive species management

  • Anthropology and history

  • Animal sounds and interpretation

Community Development Volunteer

Volunteer with and live amongst a charity and rural community. Listening and letting the community lead, you will support their ambitions for a permanent improvement. 
Together we can create a future we can all take pride in.  

Support an education through teaching, create opportunity through entrepreneurship, construction, outreach projects and more. Find something that suits your skills!

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Project list

  • Teach children at creche schools

  • Partake in outreach projects

  • Construct new infrastructure

  • Job creation and training

  • Sustainability projects

  • Conservation engagement

  • Recycling projects

  • Arts and craft movements

  • Develop your own ideas

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