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Scholarship programme

To support our commitment to our guests and conservation projects, we offer a scholarship or grant programme with our 4 week Wildlife Volunteer placements, as a stepping stone into the world of professional conservation.

As well as fostering your passion for wildlife, the practical experience and knowledge gained during our placements will provide you with invaluable skills to boost your academic studies and enhance your career.

Who is eligible?

Studying or working with conservation - If you are looking to volunteer or work professionally, or if you are a student whose studies are connected to conservation, the environment or wildlife.

Low-income households - Are you struggling financially but would love to further your environmental ambitions on a conservation programme? It’s important to us to be able to help someone who might not be in a position to experience such a life-changing opportunity otherwise. Contact us directly for more information.  

What the scholarship offers | 2024

Anyone eligible will receive a grant of £600 to offset the total placement cost.

How to apply

If you’re interested in joining a 4-week or more wildlife placement and think you are eligible for a scholarship award, applying is simple:

  1. Visit our Book or Contact us page

  2. In an enquiry, mention your interest in a scholarship

  3. We'll let you know which trip Dates have scholarships available

  4. Confirm your availability matches the programme dates

  5. Fill out our application form and email it back to us

How scholarships are approved

Our team will review all scholarship applications and select any candidates that have met the requirements, sending a preliminary acceptance letter. Later we will contact you to request official documents in support of your application (e.g, proof of employment, letter of acceptance for academic studies, or financial statements that show low income).

We may also conduct a telephone interview for final candidate approval.

When you will hear

We will confirm whether your initial application has met the necessary requirements within 3 - 5 days.


Following confirmation, we will contact you to supply us with official proof or supporting documents to substantiate your claim. Official documents must be given at least 74 days prior to the start date of any trip.

Scholarship requirements

Please note: All scholarship applicants must meet the standard trip requirements needed to join us:

  • 18 yrs or over

  • Have valid travel insurance

  • Have booked return flights

  • Have all relevant travel and Immigration documents

  • Have all relevant medical checks and vaccinations

Scholarship conditions

Scholarships are non-transferable between individuals or groups. Should an applicant be unable to join us, the grant will defer to the next strongest applicant.

Scholarship programmes operate under our standard Terms and Conditions policy relating to all Hamba Africa tours.

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