Travel week

An unmissable adventure beckons

What is travel week?
Part of our wildlife volunteer placement. Travel week focuses on showing you some of the best of South Africa, letting you discover this magic country together with your fellow volunteers and guides. 

Where will you be going?

Head south from the reserve base camp, staying at new and exciting locations along the way near the towns of Hoedspruit and Hazyview. You will get to explore the area, its picturesque landscapes and hidden locations.


What will you be doing?
In addition to the stunning scenery and natural wonders you'll see along the way, we've included exciting and adrenaline pumping activities that are too good to miss.

Which trips run travel week?

Most 4 week wildlife volunteer placements have the option of travel week. If unsure, find out via our dates page, or contact us and we'll get back to you.

Total cost including travel week

4 weeks wildlife volunteer + travel week

Included activities
Microlight flights
Panorama tours
Cave exploration
White water tubing
Mountain hikes
Temperate rainforest discovery
Horse safaris and elephant interactions
Wildlife centres
Giant baobabs and points of interest
Arts, Craft and manufacturing
Life on the road

You'll be staying at various backpackers and lodges.

They tend to be similar to base camp in style and standard of accommodation, with same-sex shared dorm rooms and communal bathrooms.


Rooms will provide most amenities and come equipped with bedding, linen, and power points for phones and cameras. Onsite wi-fi will be available at some of the locations.

Food and drink
During travel week, most meals will be provided by cafes and restaurants that you pass along the way.

You'll get breakfast, lunch and dinner included, as well as a non-alcoholic drink. Any optional extras are at your own volition.

During your travels, some of the places you'll stay have bars. After activities you are permitted to drink, but please do so responsibly.

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