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Community volunteer

As a community volunteer you will be living and working with a rural community and charity, focussed on various economic development, education, sustainability and up-lift projects.

You will have a lot of freedom and flexibility to work with any project that you feel your passion and skills best complement. The diversity of projects mean that there is something for everyone to get involved with and the community is supported at every level, giving it a greater opportunity to grow and develop. 

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Volunteer information
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Developing volunteer ideas

During your time with the charity and community, you have the opportunity to develop your own ideas and projects, this could be as part of you studies or career and work history. Simply talk to the site staff that you will be living alongside, and together you'll be able to implement your ideas. 

Community volunteer projects
Creche school 
Creche school

The community's creche school provides support, care and education to young children who are typically too young to attend local schools and whose household doesn't have the childcare ability to look after them in the days. 

Children also get a daily meal, which for some is the only full meal they have access to each day.

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What will you be doing?

  • Teaching children

  • Playing with and supporting the children

  • Helping with activities

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture projects have two main goals. Firstly, to help provide a secure source of nutritious food for the community, especially the children. 

Secondly, they provide an additional source of income to the community and charity. Any surplus can be sold, leading to greater economic security and a chance to invest in other projects. 

In addition to crops, the community has recently begun breeding chickens for an extra source of income and food.

What will you be doing?

  • Planting and tending to crops

  • Preparing new plots of land 

  • Helping to feed and care for live animals

  • Developing new ideas for growing crops

Sutinable agriculture

Building infrastructure

The charity has various projects focused on improving the facilities and site amenities to give members of the community greater opportunities. 

This includes building new housing, libraries and local resource centres, and the construction of piping and infrastructure to support agriculture and economic development. There is a lot to help with! 

What will you be doing?

  • Building new facilities 

  • Helping with design and construction

  • Maintaining existing facilities.

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Buiding infra

Promoting sustainability 

Promotin sustainability

As you live with the community, you will engage in various projects focused on environmental awareness.

You will support visiting Hamba Africa staff in conducting conservation projects around the community, and enjoy hands-on activities as you construct new buildings and sites that keep sustainability in mind. Overall, the charity designs all activities in a way that fosters this message. 

What will you be doing?

  • Running community conservation projects

  • Building infrastructure to a sustainable standard

  • Working on recycling projects

  • Promoting wildlife awareness

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Economic devlopment
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Economic development

The charity and community are working towards generating additional sources of income though entrepreneurship and job creation. This is vital for providing the community members a stable source of income, and bringing in more money to reinvest in other projects. 

The community has launched activities such as tours, meeting local tribal elders, and even a tuck shop and restaurant for passing tourists.

Help with these projects and add your own ideas! 

What will you be doing?

  • Developing new careers and industries

  • Taking part in activities

  • Incorporating your skills into each project (from design work for artists to accounting for math-minded individuals, and everything in between)

Arts an Craft movments
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Arts and crafts movements

The charity and community advocate for art both as a means of personal expression and a marketable skill. Art helps individuals and communities take pride in their heritage, and original pieces can be sold to local businesses or tourists, thus providing income. 

The arts and crafts movement emphasises the recycling and up-cycling of materials, and sustainability is a core consideration. 

What will you be doing?

  • Getting involved with the creative process, whether it be teaching or learning

  • Helping source material for recycling

  • Working on online and offline marketing

  • Showcasing artwork to passing guests, telling the story and inspiration for each piece

After school support

After-school support

Help provide support and teach children from nearby schools. Education is vitally important to children anywhere. Helping local children with homework or school projects can make a huge difference for their grades and overall opportunities later in life. 

You will work with the charity's dedicated child support workers, helping wherever you are needed.

What will you be doing?

  • Teaching and working with children 

  • Providing support with homework or school projects

  • Making sure children are happy and supported on an educational and personal level

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Community engagement

The charity actively meets with, works with and provides support to the wider community. You will help during visits from organisations as they talk to the community about issues such as poaching. 

Additionally, take part in outreach projects such as providing training to mature adults to improve their employability, or help to understand community needs by supporting food, medicine and cloth distributions.


What will you be doing?

  • Taking part in events and outreach talks

  • Meeting and getting to know the wider community

  • Understanding and supporting the community's needs

  • Helping with training and employability work

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Community engagement
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