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Our Cookie policy

Cookies are used on Hamba Africa’s website(s) and webpage(s) in order to optimize your web experience when using our site as well as collecting certain information relating to your device and what pages your accessing. Although we collect data and information relating to how our site is used no personal or private information is taken by visiting our website.

You are able to disable and block cookies being used on our site however this may interfere with our website(s) and page(s) ability to operate properly.

What we use cookies for:
• To allow certain java and multi-media applications to run on our website successfully.
• To collect information relating to what type of device and the location you used to access our site.
• To determine which pages you visited, how long you viewed them for.

Types of cookies
Here’s some in details regarding exactly how our cookies operated and why their there.

Application cookies
These cookies enable our java, multi-media or other embedded applications embedded in our website to function normally. They may also determine what device you are using to view our site, I.e. mobile or desktop and how to respond accordingly by changing dimensions of images, text or other website design structure.

Behavioural cookies
These cookies determine how you use the website, what pages you’ve been visiting and help us determine where you stayed longest as well as reports to us any errors you encountered when navigating our website. This is important to help us understand how to develop and improve our website.

Analytical cookies
These cookies are used by us and Google analytics software and our web host Wix to determine usage of our site, origin of view, impressions and which device you’ve been using to access our site. This information helps us plan our marketing strategy and development, increasing our ability to be found on Google and other search providers.

This information is only accessible to the staff at Hamba Africa and Google itself and is never shared or given to third parties.

Cookies in conjunction to personal information, emails, newsletters and other marketing. With some of our applications such as capture sheets or online live chat, you may supplier us with your email or other personal information or contact information.

This information will only be used in order to process your booking. This information is stored by Hamba Africa via Microsoft firewall secure online servers. In addition Hamba Africa itself is fully PCI-DSS compliant as expanded upon in our terms and conditions page and only upon your booking conformation may we and when necessary to provide your with a service, share it with third parties in the forms of our suppliers and other legal bodies requiring that information.

You may at anytime contact us to determine what information we have on record and in addition which companies, if any, we’ve shared it with as required with your booking.

This personal and contact information may be used with ongoing email advertisements or newsletters.

You may at any point contact us to opt out of these marketing campaigns. Our web host Hamba Africa is hosted on the platform.

This allows us to sell and provide you with our service online. As such your data and cookie maybe stored with Wix itself. Wix stores your information or cookies behind firewalls and secure servers. Wix itself is PCI-DSS compliant although no online payment is itself processed via Wix’s online hosted service.

Further information about cookies
What are cookies - Cookies are small files of data that are save onto your web browser, they identify what browser your using, how it should interact with the site your viewing as well as which sites your visiting yourself.

Unique to each browser – Cookies are dependent on the browser you use to navigate the internet be it mobile or desktop or software such as Google chrome, Firefox or Safari as examples. Each will store cookies differently.

Disabling and blocking cookies – You can disable cookies when visiting any site although this may mean the site does not operate as normal.

1 st and 3rd party cookies – Cookies can only be viewed by their respective owner and will remain anonymous for anyone who is not the owner. 1 st party cookies are those created via the owner of the site, in this case Hamba Africa and 3rd party cookies are those from other organisations that operate on the site of the 1st party, such as google.

Consent when using our website
By using our website(s) and page(s) you are agreeing to our ability to use cookies enhance both your experience navigating our site as well as store certain data as aforementioned.

If you do not wish to use cookies on our site you reserve the right to disable cookies through your browser.

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