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Hamba Africa believes in sharing its survey results and findings with other individuals, organisations, educational bodies and associations who are also passionate about conservation. We hope that by sharing our knowledge as well as our work and experiences we can encourage more people to become involved with the global battle for conservation.


In order to gain access to our reports, findings and project details, please subscribe to our member’s list; we will email you our reports as they are published and updated annually.

There are 2 membership levels:


This offers access to summarized reports and surveys as well as observations.

This class is open to all regardless of professional or academic background.


This level offers more detailed access and provides expanded reports:

·         detailed methodology

·         data and findings

·         planned future developments

·         logistical and equipment details

Due to the sensitivity of some data and shared results, individuals, organizations or educational bodies who require access to Fellow level membership reports, will be contacted via email for proof of their professional or academic interest.

Vetting is done on an individual basis. Proof of requirement can take many forms, from employment in a conservation or related industry to enrolment in any college or university course that is relevant to the environment or science.

Becoming a member
For access you will need to provide your name and email for approval.

You will be contacted regarding which class of membership you require. We may ask for certain information to validate your request.


As a member
You will be sent via email annual publications detailing our reports, findings and other key project information.

We do not charge for our reports or findings as we support and encourage open source information.

However, we welcome donations, both financial and equipment that will help us to continue the important work of our programs. Please feel free to contact us for further information.