Adventure meets conservation

An organisation built by travel and environmental enthusiasts, for travel and environmental enthusiasts.


We've combined the thrill and personal reward of travel with giving you the opportunity to play an active role in conservation. ​Ensuring you will end your journey with great memories, incredible experiences, new skills, knowledge and the satisfaction of making a positive impact.

Our packages and placements

Wildlife and animal focused volunteer

Travel on the frontline of conservation

Join us for 2 or 4 weeks, live on a big 5 wildlife reserve in South Africa as you volunteer and take part in over 12 different and important conservation projects!

Plus, with a dedicated travel week full of activities and adventure, there is something for everyone!

Community development volunteer

Live and work with a rural community

A flexible volunteer placements in South Africa with a Shangan community charity. Volunteer at any length from a week upwards any time of year!

Help work on projects like teaching at creche schools, sustainable agriculture, building and new facilities and much more!

Trust our Knowledge and Experience

The Tour leaders and ecologists at Hamba Africa have been actively involved in conservation and living, working and professionally guiding travellers across Southern Africa for years.

Meet the local wildlife


Our Goals
Hamba Africa is committed to making valuable, sustainable contributions to the long term vision of preserving wildlife.


Work with local experts and communities

- We partner and support local existing organizations in their fight to protect the environment
- We assist and support local anti-poaching projects, rural communities, wildlife vets and animal rehabilitation centers

Hamba Africa projects
With 12 different projects, this diversity ensures theirs something for everyone to get particularly passionate about and that the environment receives help at every level!

Live and learn with the experts

What to expect

Animals, adventure and excitement

With your guides and fellow travellers, we'll explore some of the most incredible natural landscapes and scenery that South Africa has to offer and get to know some of the people and animals that call it home.

​Conservation work

You'll be helping out with various conservation programs, experiencing a unique perspective of Africa's wildlife, helping to protect it and gaining valuable skills for your future.

In your third week you'll get the chance to try an assortment of exciting activities such as white water rafting, micro light flights, horse riding exploring cave systems or target shooting to name a few.


Where will you go?

During your trip you will travel to and explore several different locations scattered across South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province, the Limpopo Province and the Kruger National Park.


What will you see?

Experience the open savannahs and grasslands of the Kruger National Park, with its abundance of resident wildlife, to the steep escarpments of the Drakensberg mountain range and its breath-taking views and topography; we will also be travelling to the various settlements, steeped in history and local culture that litter this stunning country.

Your stay will surprise and delight you and we guarantee you will want to return again and again...

Hamba Africa

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