Where adventure meets conservation

Hamba Africa is an organisation built by travel and environmental enthusiasts, for travel and environmental enthusiasts. We have combined the thrill and personal reward of travel with the opportunity to play an active role in conservation. ​We guarantee that you will end your journey with great memories, incredible experiences, new skills and knowledge, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact during your time with us.

Wildlife Volunteer


From £1095

2 - 4 weeks

Long-Term Volunteer


From £2795

6 - 12 weeks

Get involved

Community Volunteer

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From £600

2 - 12 weeks

Our Placements 

Our all inclusive placements run at different locations across South Africa and focus on unique goals and activities for a separate style of adventure, travel and way to help protect wildlife.

Find out which placement works best for you! 

Our Projects

The projects you'll volunteer with are varied and diverse from vet work to anti-poaching patrols or wildlife surveying. Meet and work with iconic African wildlife like elephants, cheetah, Rhino and lions. 

Learn and leave a lasting impact with our projects!

animal volunteer wildlife africa gap year travel person safari conservation
animal volunteer wildlife africa gap year travel person safari conservation rural community

Trust our knowledge and experience

The tour leaders and ecologists at Hamba Africa have been actively involved in conservation for years - living, working and guiding travellers in the bush across Southern Africa.

animal volunteer wildlife africa gap year travel person safari conservation
Meet the local wildlife


Our Goals
Hamba Africa is committed to making valuable, sustainable contributions to the long-term vision of preserving wildlife.


Work with local experts and communities

- We partner and support local existing organisations in their fight to protect the environment.
- We assist and support local anti-poaching projects, rural communities, wildlife vets and animal rehabilitation centres.

Hamba Africa projects
With a diverse array of over 12 different projects, we ensure that there is something for everyone to get passionate about, and that the environment receives help at every level.

animal volunteer wildlife africa gap year travel person safari conservation
Live and learn with the experts

What to expect

Animals, adventure and excitement

With your guides and fellow travellers, you will explore some of the most incredible natural landscapes and scenery that South Africa has to offer and get to know some of the people and animals that call it home.

​Conservation work

You will be helping out with various conservation programmes, experiencing a unique perspective on and helping to protect Africa's wildlife, all the while gaining valuable skills for your future.

In your third week you will get the chance to try an assortment of exciting activities including white water rafting, microlight flights, horse riding, exploring cave systems and target shooting (to name a few).


Where will you go?

Our placements operate across South Africa. Each placement's location has been selected to facilitate the style of activities and projects you'll be taking part in.

In addition each placement thanks to the wildlife and community activities you'll be volunteering on as well as the landscapes and environments you'll be exploring means a unique experience with each of the placements.