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Next generation of Guides

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hamba Africa is working with academic and training bodies to help create the next generation of guides.

Field Guides and the future of conservation

Field Guides aka Safari Guides are in many respects those on the frontline of conservation. They spend their working life in the bush and are chameleon-like, adapting to suit the environment. Through scientific research projects and their keen awareness of animals and their environment, they are key contributors to the future of conservation, by managing ecosystems and habitats, with a deep ecological understanding of the frontline issues. Finally, their passion and knowledge for the natural world makes them key educators, bridging the natural world for a unique guest experience that touches and inspires.

The job of a guide is one of excitement, exploration and responsibility. Days can be spent hiking or driving through difficult terrain in pursuit of some elusive animal and the incredible, joyful satisfaction that comes when it’s found.

Shepherds of the planet

Working and living alongside incredible wildlife like elephants, rhino and lions is an unparalleled experience.

Although challenging, that resonating experience is what all guides cherish. Guides come from all walks of life, perhaps born into the African bush, following a lifetime passion, maybe straight from college or university; many are local, others are international. Wherever the guide has come from, they must have a deep love and respect for nature.

To protect and share the gift of nature with the world and future, that's a guide.

Becoming a Guide

We would like to encourage everyone to become a guide. We don't just mean join us in South Africa (although feel free to do so!) what we mean is: appreciate and care for your environment and champion it. Wherever you live, whether a busy urban city like London, a remote rural homestead in North America or a sunny relaxed island idyll... observe what's around you, hear the sounds and stories of the natural world, get curious and then share with others!

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