Working with us
For anyone engaged in academic study or professional work relating to Conservation or the Environment Hamba Africa is able to offer highly customization more personally tailored and even extended packages or even act as a consultant.

For Organizations, groups or individuals wanting to plan and organize specific research projects with your own set aims and objectives Hamba Africa is happy to be your support with doing so, lending our guides, own equipment and local expertise if need be as well as helping  helping implement the project and ensure logistically everything runs smoothly.

This could mean a PHD student wanting to remain for months at a time to study elephants relating to their dissertation or a university group needing a few weeks of grass focused surveying.

We can also with some projects where the longer the research the more accurate the data  play a role with maintaining and recording data even after you've left!

If you are interested in something a bit different please feel free to send our project manager an email and he'll be able to start ironing out the details with you  at: