Our Package

Trip summary


Ideally we recommend a 4-week package to fully immerse yourself in the adventure, but 2 week packages are also available.


The Group
The Group size will range between 9 – 18 people and be led by your Guides and ecologists.



You will be living and working in the heart of the African bush on a fully operational private nature reserve, adjacent to the renowned Kruger National Park.

Here, you will be conducting the majority of your activities and conservation programs, enjoying the unique experience of living with the animals who will share your new ‘home away from home’.

How the Trip is Structured

Part 1:  Conservation Focus Day 1 - 14
The first 2 weeks are conservation focused:

conservation projects, anti-poaching, research programs, helping rural vets and safari activities.

Part 2: Adventure Focus Day 14 -21

Week 3 is dedicated to travel and adventure activities including your personal choices, eg,microlight flights, quad biking, panoramic regional tours.

Part 3: Conservation Focus Day 21 – 28

Your final week is an opportunity to revisit the different conservation projects you have been involved in, and conclude them before your departure for home. ​

When do we operate

For information regarding all our current planned trips check out our date page or contact us and we'll get back to you.


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4 week package from


Whats included

We have taken care of all the details so you can focus on the adventure of a lifetime!

Our ALL INCLUSIVE package includes:

  • Airport transfers to and from the reserve

  • Accommodation during your stay

  • Transportation and guides/tour leaders are included for all confirmed excursions and group activities

  • food and drink – (excludes any personal extras)

  • Entry to sites

  • Wi-fi Access where appropriate

  • All itinerary/activity equipment is provided

  • Programme and activity participation

  • Meet and greet event in the UK

  • Group contact list will be sent out prior to departure

  • 24-hour emergency onsite support

  • a travel buddy list

Whats not included

Please note, we do not book, manage or coordinate the following:

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa and Immigration requirements

  • Vaccinations and health screening/checks

  • personal travel insurance

  • Optional activities (these booked during your stay)

these are your personal responsibility and must be arranged ahead of your reservation/booking to take part in a Hamba Africa package.


in order to join us on one of our packages you'll need:

  • to be above 18

  • Have valid travel insurance

  • booked return flights

  • the relevant travel and Immigration documents

  • the relevant medical checks and vaccinations

For further information please check out our FAQ page or contact us

Highlights you can expect

Conservation and Research

Get involved - make a difference! Plan your own research programmes; under careful supervision you will be able to conduct surveys and monitor species in their natural habitat.

Safari Drives/Walks

Get up close and personal – this will be a life changing experience; you will see Africa’s magnificent wildlife via safari viewers and on foot, at your base reserve and as you explore the iconic splendour of the Kruger National Park.


Discover Nature

Get knowledge – learn to Identify species from arachnids to antelope, from zygodactyl to zebra, big and small; study the flaura and fauna, learn about the science, behaviour, biology and the intriguing relationships in the animal kingdom. Learn to track animals in the wild and take home a new understanding about their complex ecosystems through personal exploration and discovery.



Get adventurous - enjoy microlight flights, quad biking, target shooting, 4x4 driving, river rafting, underground cave exploration  and much more.

Vets, Animals and Ecologists

Get helping the experts - medical checks, emergency call outs, nursing, feeding and handling the wildlife; interact and help rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals.


Rural Communities

Get involved – engage with rural communities; work closely with local groups to help improve their livelihoods while protecting local wildlife habitats and creating a more sustainable future


Anti-Poaching Patrols

Under supervision and with trained field guides, help protect the reserve’s wildlife by searching the bush on foot, looking for signs of illegal poaching activity and removing illegal snares and traps.


Breathtaking Memories

prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the South African sunset, by its magical night sky, by its breathtaking natural landscapes, by the sights and sounds of this unique, wild, exotic continent.

Embrace the New

Get to know a new culture and its people – discover a magical new world; meet incredible people, new friends.

Day To Day Itinerary

Heres an example of what our usual travel itinerary could look like, day to day.

Please note that although this is an example it is not exact, as the order of activities can vary based on factors like seasonality, behavior of the animals as well as your wishes.


Day 1 of 28: arrival and Introduction

Airport pick-up, you’ll be collected at the meeting time and location from Hoedspruit airport, South Africa and transfer to the reserve. Rest day, recover and unpack.

Over dinner we'll give you the full welcome talk, introducing our-selves and cover a few does and donts as well as updating you to the plan for the next week.

Day 2 of 28: Reserve tour and Camera Traps

Breakfast followed by African bush walk and introductory tour of the reserve - Internet connection available to connect with family and friends.

You'll then start your conservation projects and set up of camera traps at key sites.


Optional Activities 

Expanded program itinary

Our Optional activities days gives you the freedom and flexibility to ensure your trip is kept personal to you.

Heres an idea of whats on offer in the area and rough prices. Of course this doesnt mention what our guides know is going on.

For a more in depth understand of the program, how its structured, activities as well as a description  feel free to download the full program description.