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We start on the first of every month, the whole package itself is 4 weeks long but if preferable you can opt to join us for the first 2 only or one of our extended to 6 weeks trips!


The average groups size between 9-18  made of fellow intrepid travellers and lead by your amazing safari guides.



You’ll be  living and working in the heart of the African bush on a private nature reserve, teaming with animals right next to the world renound Kruger National Park.

Here you’ll be conducting the majority of your activities, conservation programs and getting up close and personal with the  animals that share your new home away from home.

The trip itself is broken into 3 parts.

Part 1: Day 1 - 14
The first 2 weeks are conservation focused, you'll be working on (If you can really call it work) conservation projects, anit-poaching, research programs, helping rural vets and safari activites.


Part 2: Day 14 -21
Week 3 is dedicated on pure travel and adventure where you'll be doing your various exciting activities such as Micro-light flights, Quadbiking and  Panorama Tours again just to name  a few.

Part 3: Day 21 - 28

Your final week will again be devoted to the different conservation projects you've been working on, concluding then before your departure. 

Extended package: Day 28 - 42

This extended 6 week package will involve you continuing the conservation work as well as any exciting camping trip in the Kruger National Park itself and visiting a different part of South Africa, The radically different coastal and mangrove area of St Lucia to learn about its habitats and take part in new ocean related activities such as diving on reefs, snorkeling, bio-tours and a healthy measure of sunbathing.


2 week package from

4 week package from


6 week package from


The Package itself is all inclusive, we've sorted and provided everything this means:

  • All Accomodation

  • Transportation during the trip

  • Airport transfer 

  • Most food and drink

  • All trip activities

  • Entry to Sites

  • Wi-fi Access

  • Equipment

  • 24 hour Emergency Support

  • Group Guides and Tour leaders

  • Participation with Programs

  • Meet and Greets in the UK

  • Fellow traveler list

Are all taken care of so you can focus on more important things like saving animals and having the adventure of a lifetime!

Whats included

There are a couple of things that arn't included as well as optional extras.

  • Flights (Can be provided separately)

  • Travel insurance

  • Optional activities (See Activities)

  • Optional meals (see Meals)

  • Snacks

  • Visa and Imigration

Whats not included

The main requirment we have of you is that you have an open mind to the new people, cultures and experiences you'll be encountering.
Otherwise  we ask you:

  • Are over 18

  • Have valid travel insurance

  • Flights

  • Relevant Travel and Imigration documents if and where required


Research and conservation programs

Play an active role in planning and conducting various programs, surveying and monitoring species.

Safari Drives and Walks

Get up close and personal with iconic african animals via safari viewers as well as on foot both in the reserve your staying as well as the world famous Kruger national park.

Learn about nature

From Identifying different species, big and small, Mammals to Plant you'll learn all about them, the science behind it from their behavior, biology and relationships with each other down to how to track them and even traditional beliefs and uses.

Exciting activites

Microlight flights, Quad Biking, target shooting, 4x4 driving,Rafting down rivers or exploring underground caves just to name a few.

Meet and work with animals

From tame elephants to helping orphaned or injured animals that are being rehabilitated giving them a future and learning along the way.

Anti-Poaching Patrols

Help protect the reserves wildlife, on foot you'll search the bush removing illegal snares and other signs of poacher activity.

Breathtaking Sights and Views

From the incredible African Sunset and its Night sky to the natural wonders of the surrounding area such as the drakensburg mountains or Blyde River canyon theres much you'll see that will leave you in awe.

Help local Comunities

Work with the local rural communities both to improve their lives but also to protect nature and reduce conflict between wildlife and humans.

Work with Vets and Ecologists

Assist wildlife experts, lending a hand with various exciting task from medical checks, helping feed or handle animals, an incredible and invaluable experience.

New Culture and People

Meet and get to know the people that make this magic place home learning all about their lives and forming friendships.

Highlights you can expect

Heres an example of what our usual travel itinerary could look like, day to day.

Please note that although this is an example it is not exact, as when and which activities you'll be getting involved with can vary based on factors like seasonality, behavior of the animals as well as your wishes.


For instance a planned on Foot Safari might be delayed in response to assisting a vet with emergency work with an injured animal or you and your group might decide instead of botany identification in the morning you'll prefer an astronomy talk the night before.

Day To Day Itinerary

You'll be picked up from the airport and transfered to the reserve, we’ll give you the rest of the day to recover and unpack.

Over dinner we'll give you the full welcome talk, introducing our-selves and cover a few does and donts as well as updating you to the plan for the next week.

Day 1 of 28: arrival and Introduction

After breakfast and a leisurely start on your first morning in the African bush, You'll be taken for a tour around the reserve introducing you to your home away from home.

You'll also have the chance to contect to the lodges internet to update any concerned friends and family.
Your first conservation project starts plan and place our motion camera traps at various locations to help track secretive species.

Day 2 of 28: Reserve tour and Camera Traps

Optional Activities 

Our Optional activities days gives you the freedom and flexibility to ensure your trip is kept personal to you.

Heres an idea of what you could do, irrelevant of what our guides know is going on at the time, as well as a rough price.

For a more in depth understand of the program, how its structured, activities as well as a description of our 6 week extended program feel free to download the full program description.

Expanded program list

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