Optional activities

In addition to all the exciting activities you'll be getting involved with as part of our package theirs lots of offer exciting things in the area to get involved with.

If you've had a change to familiarize yourself with our
Itinerary you will have seen theirs a couple of days we've set aside for you to do anything else you feel you cant miss out on while your traveling with us.

What you want to do, if anything is up to you!


This could mean a Relaxing Spa trip or a adrenaline pumping Canyon rope swinging.

And panic You don't need to figure out, book or even think about it in advance.

You'll pick and choose during your time with us and with your fellow group and Often the best ideas are heard about by your local guides while your there or inspired by you and a fellow traveler really wanting to try something out.

If you do want to have a look through on whats usually on offer in the area heres a list of what is usually on offer.

Please note as these are organized externally prices and availability can vary.