Longterm wildlife volunteer

Work with endagered species and wildlife vets

Placement summary

Who should join this placement
Those wanting to gain conservation experience, skills and knowledge as a volunteer with long term projects while getting to know African wildlife up close! 

Location: 30,000 acre reserve, Waterberg, South Africa

Length: 6 week minimum, 3 months maximum


Group size's
Groups are typically made up of 1-7 volunteers and lead by safari guides and industry experts.

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Projects you'll work on
  • Radio collar tracking cheetah

  • K9 Anti-Poaching patrols

  • Bush walks

  • Wild dog population monitoring

  • Safari drives

  • Track and sign

  • Vet work with animals

  • Transporting and moving wildlife

  • Habitat management

Play a key role in conservation protecting endangered animals such as Rhino, Cheetah and wild dogs.

You'll explore the reserve on foot and from safari viewer for an unparalleled African wildlife experience.

The Waterberg

Base camp and your reserve in the Waterberg. Known for is river systems and mountain escarpments that overlook rolling savannahs teeming with wildlife.

About the projects

Each project has its own goals and method that together help give wildlife and nature a brighter future. 

to learn about each project visit our project page.

Join any time

Placements are avalible throughout the year for flexible travel, contact us to arange your dates.

Long term placements

6 weeks


12 weeks

Join from a minimum of 6 weeks and stay any legnth up to 12.

Day to day as a volunteer

Monday to Friday

During week days you'll be working on the various conservation projects. Your guides will brief you each week with a schedule of activities. Typically you'll start the day early and sally up into a safari viewer and drive across the reserve on your mission or sometimes, lead by your guides, hike and patrol on foot. 

Weekends and off time

When not working, you'll relax back at camp with the other volunteers, often you'll make great friends both with the reserve staff and fellow volunteers. Theirs also other optional activities on the reserve and in the area to try out. on Weekends you'll go to town to resupply with snacks, toiletries and other essentials.

Whats included 

We have taken care of all the details so you can focus on the adventure of a lifetime!

The placement includes:

  • Airport transfers to and from the reserve

  • Accommodation during your stay

  • Transportation and guides/tour leaders are included for all confirmed excursions and group activities

  • Food and drink – (excludes any personal extras)

  • Entry to sites

  • All itinerary/activity equipment is provided

  • Wi-fi Access

  • Conservation projects and activities

  • Meet and greet event in the UK

  • Fellow volunteer contact list will be sent out prior to departure

  • 24-hour emergency onsite support

  • 100% Financial security with your booking

Whats not included

Please note, we do not book, manage or coordinate the following:

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa and Immigration requirements

  • Vaccinations and health screening/checks

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Optional activities (these booked during your stay)


In order to join us on one of our packages you'll need:

  • To be above 18

  • Have valid travel insurance

  • Booked return flights

  • The relevant travel and Immigration documents

  • The relevant medical checks and vaccinations

These are your personal responsibility and proof that all requirements are met must be sent ahead of your arrival to take part.

What you can expect
K9 Anti-poaching patrols

Working with the reserves anti-poaching unit and their specialist dogs trained to track poachers through bush you'll head out on foot looking for snares and traps to remove or signs of poacher activity.

Wildlife reintroduction

You'll be helping introduce wildlife onto the reserve. Work with vets with this fantastic contribution to conservation releasing animals into a new environment and giving species a brighter future.

Safari Drives/Walks

Get up close and personal, this will be a life changing experience; you will see Africa’s magnificent wildlife via safari viewers and on foot as you explore this beautiful reserve and learn about these incredible animals and their secret stories.

Wild dog population monitoring

Track and monitor the wild dogs population and understand these endangered animals. Learn techniques ecologists use to protect these animals working from vehicle with radio collar transceivers or track on foot looking for signs of spoor or print.

Big game vet work

This varried work depends on the needs of the animals. Help with medical checks, emergency call outs, nursing, feeding and handling wildlife; interact and rehabilitating orphaned or injured animals.

Breathtaking Landscape

Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the South African sunset, by its magical night sky, by its breathtaking natural landscapes, the sights and sounds of this unique, wild, exotic continent.

Radio collar tracking

Radio collar tracking and VHF telemetry systems are vital for ecologists to monitor endangered species accurately and ensure their healthy. Get to know this invaluable tool and technology as you search for wild dogs, cheetah and other newly released animals.

Discover Nature

Learn about animals from antelope to zebra, big and small; study the flora and fauna, learn about the science, behaviour, biology and the intriguing relationships in the animal kingdom. Learn to track animals in the wild and take home a new understanding about their complex ecosystems.


Optional Activities 

During off days you'll have the opportunity to get involved with other activities both on the reserve itself and throughout the area.

Your own projects

You might be studying relating to the environment or just a passionate conservationist. Work with the reserve staff to implement your own projects!