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If you need some more information or have any questions about the placement, our projects and how you'll help or any travel arrangements or requirements send us a message and we'll get back to you!

To make a booking select from the options below. We'll then send you an email confirming availability as well as a booking form needed to provide us with your details as well as containing information regarding payments.

For those wanting to see payment methods in advance this can be found on our dates and rate page.


For wildlife volunteer bookings please select a first and if possible a second prefered start date

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You can also select more than secondary 2 start dates if you are flexible with your dates.

For community volunteers please leave your preferred date and desired length in a message.


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044  734  958  1284

SA Emergency number:
044   027  858  838


Please note the south african emergency number is only avalible for urgenty issues, for all bookings and genral enquiries please contact our UK office number or drop us an email

Conservation related enquirers: