About Hamba Africa

Who Are we?

Hamba Africa is dedicated to providing affordable and uniquely personal travel experiences for those who are wanting to making a valuable and active contribution to conservation or simply have an adventure holiday of a lifetime.

Our Origins

Hamba means ‘Go’ or ‘Travel’ in native Siswati (Swati) and Zulu and thats exactly what we do.

During our Directors and Tour Guides history working and traveling across Southern Africa they've seen how much those with them have been effected.

How when exploring africa you'll find not just beauty but a wealth of knowledge gained both through travel and from living with Africa’s wildlife, leaving you only inspired and empowered.
We founded this company with the belief and understanding that everyone should explore this magical country.

all while preserving these environments for the future.

Our Goals

We've have two main goals:

- To provide travellers with an incredible experience; to enable them to explore some of the best of Southern Africa's natural beauty, its terrain, its culture and exciting activities.

- make a real difference; to get people actively involved with conservation and protecting nature; to inspire and teach them valuable skills for wherever their journey leads them.


What makes us special?

 Our commitment and support towards you!

For many of you, the experience, knowledge and practical skills you will gain on a adventure will be unforgettable and great fun, but we also know that for others, this trip will be life-changing.

you will be given the opportunity to explore and develop your own conservation ideas and implement your own programs and projects.

Hamba Africa will help you discover and develop your own ambitions and success

Who Travels with us?

Hamba Africa is primarily aimed towards students or travellers, Young Adults (aged 18 to 30 years), gap year students, graduates, post graduates, first timers or seasoned travellers, from every walk of life.

We are a welcoming and embracing organisation where diversity and ethnicity is celebrated; However English is the language of instruction.

Why choose us?

- We have unique hands-on experience of the Kruger national park and its surrounding provinces of limpopo and Mpumalanga, the local culture and environment.

- our knowledge and expertise in wildlife conservation, combined with our passion for travel, means we are perfectly positioned to create a journey that is packed with excitement and new learning experiences for you.

- we will ensure you take an active role in conservation projects that will be uniquely fulfilling, inspiring and teach you valuable transferable skills that will stay with you for life.


- The Hamba team will be there to support you every step of the journey, from your initial enquiry, to planning your individual package and itinerary, and during your exciting stay.

Who do we work with?

​We're very fortunate to work and collaborate with local conservation groups and experts who share our goal of protecting animals and the environment.

This allows us to get on board and provide much needed support with their projects and together achieve something greater.

For more in depth information about these organizations please visit our program page.

TTA Membership - your booking is secure

Hamba Africa is a member of the TTA (Travel tourism association) this means every pound, euro, dollar or ruble you pay is 100% financially secure so you get exactly whats promised.


We are committed to keeping our all-inclusive package prices as competitively and cost effectively priced as possible, to help offer this experience to as many people as possible.


We are committed to continuous conservation investment; profits will be channelled back into our own conservation programs, the programs of organisations we are involved with and the rural communities and projects we support in South Africa.

Where are we based?

Our UK headquarters are based in the forest of Dean, Lydnney, Glouchester in the UK.

From there our team will be contacting and planning your booking ahead of time as well as organizing group events across the uk so you can get to know your team and fellow travelers ahead of time.