About Hamba Africa

"By environmental travelers for environmental travelers" 
What do we do?
In short, we conduct all inclusive life changing trips.
Now obviously that's quite a bold statement, so allow us to expand!

Our all inclusive packages are specifically created  for you to have an unforgettable travel experience packed with endless excitement perfect for any travel thrill seeker or gap year style student as well as hopfully inspire our guests and get you directly involved in various exciting and important conservation projects.

Hamba Africa does this by condensing our own unique knowledge and perspective of whats available in the South African and what we know you'll love and find most incredible into our package.

We've been working, traveling and living in Southern Africa for years understanding the various local cultures, to finding the most breath taking natural wonders, the best activities to entertain and exhilarate you as well as how to live along side and get to know the animals that also call this magical place home.

We're now proud to share our knowledge and expertise with you and are confident on your journey with us we're sure you'll see and create some unforgettable memories, help make a difference towards conservation and gain some of that knowledge and skill yourself to put to good use elsewhere!

For more about our mission and ethos please check out our full description...

Our goals?

Hamba Africa has two main goals.

to provide you our un-met family with the chance to take an unforgettable journey into the heart of the African bush. Jam packed with adventure, excitement, and new sights and smells  as well for anyone willing the possibility to gain a new appreciation for nature and gain new valuable transferable skills that can be taken with you and applied where ever you go.

As well as help and uplift the Animals and communities we be working and living with via our various programs. Getting on board to help make a difference with causes your passionate about. 
Ensuring we do our part to leave things a little bit better than when we found it.

Why choose us?

Were committed to change and making a difference.

With our various associates, programs we get you involved with and business ethics, we strive to help to do more than our fair share for local communities and wildlife on the whole so you know the time and work you'll be doing really will make a difference.

Were committed to you.
Our support and ability to inspire we hope wont just start and stop with your time with us.
We want to see you succeed and will do anything we can to help you on that journey.
Were always happy to share advise and help brain storm ideas on how to develop yourself or just putting you in contact with other organizations you can get involved with as a next step.

We understand through years of our own travels that part of what makes it so special is the people and relationships you make along the way.
From day one you'll be able to get in contact and start getting to know your guides as well as anyone else who will be joining you on your team.

Who do we work with?

We work in partnership with local conservation groups and businesses who share our mission and ethos with safeguarding the environment allowing us to get on board and provide much needed support with their projects.

Some of the organisations we work with are: 

Who are we aimed at

Hamba Africa is open to people from any walk of life.
But our primary focus is towards young travelers aged 18-30, gap year type individuals, adventure thrill seekers or anyone who longs to see whats out their waiting to be discovered in the great wide world.
As well as being ideal for anyone who is interested  in animals and conservation at any end of the spectrum,  weather just a side interest  or if you dream to devote yourself to the career.

How the journey can help you

We believe that traveling and exploring new places is an important part of personal growth.
It provides you with the opportunity to gain a different perspective on what exactly is out there in that big old world we all share, dismiss stigmas and helps you learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.

We also aim to teach you as much as your willing to learn about the battle for conservation and sustainability!
During the various programs you'll get on boarded with and help you'll have the chance to learn under the wings of the experts all about the animals you'll be encountering (Often a lot closer than you think), the challenges they face and all about the array of different conversational tactics they use to safe guard these habitats as well as the chance to voice any revolutionary ideas you have and if their viable incorporate them!

This sort of practical experience is ideal for anyone studying in a field related to animals, as we are a registered British company any experience and skills you gain will also prove invaluable to any course or career you might be involved with both back in the UK or perhaps as a stepping stone into a Africa itself, or else where aboard!

Where do we operate?

For the moment the majority of our package is conducted in the Greater Kruger national park, North East South Africa, this region also known as the "Wildfronter" is home to arguably the best wildlife in the country as well as an assortment of other breathtaking sights and activities that you'll be getting involved with.


Are we secure?

We're a member of TTA which ensures and promises you a few things.
We're a safe, legitimate and registered travel organisation by the UK government ensuring the bond made to provide our package to you cannot be broken by us and if it ever is you'll be completely reimbursed.

In addition to this legal safety measure our main director is also himself a qualified safari guide.
Ensuring throughout your travels he'll be keeping you safe with anything you encounter.